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The first monograph produced as
a dossier-collage

The hand-made monograph on the life and work of Louis Christian Hess. The dossier helped create interest and enthusiasm in the project to rediscover Hess' work which led in the 1970's to the travelling exhibition to Italy, Austria and Germany.

(dma) - The first monograph on the life and work of Louis Christian Hess was produced by me in 1970 as a dossier-collage using photographs by Venero Dominici and the documents collected over five years together with Emma Hess, who carried out the translations into Italian. It took such a long time to complete because it was necessary to collate all the biographical data, classify all the archive material, draw up a chronology of Hess' artistic output, establish the various types of works and their precise measurements and the original titles chosen by Hess. Collectors had to be contacted, photographs taken of all available works, details noted of all the paintings to be restored - some of the canvasses had been painted on both sides, others revealed even three subjects painted one above the other. After selecting photos, facts and documents I laid out the individual pages - as collage - on white card, handwriting the notes and captions in Italian and German. I added a text by Nuccio Cinquegrani, reproductions from historic catalogues, reviews of exhibitions as well as photocopies of sketches, notes and letters by the Maestro. Finally I compiled a fully cross-referenced index of names and places. Altogether it came to just over 350 pages. When the monograph was bound the finished product was a red album measuring some 33x25x7 cms almost exactly like the one ably reproduced here. This primitive monograph finally provided organised documentary evidence of the validity of Hess' artistic importance and would prove vital in gathering support for the Rediscovery of his art. So that a promotional campaign could be carried out both in Italy and abroad I made an almost identical copy of the illustrated monograph - this time in a blue album, which can be seen at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately the first monograph is no longer in my possession. I can only hope that one day the red album will be donated to the Christian Hess Archive, together with the other copy of the handbook for the travelling exhibition, various correspondence addressed to me, and a collection of slides by Venero Dominici who ceded the reproduction rights to me and to the Christian Hess Cultural Association.

I would like to believe that as you look through the monograph below, you too will experience the same emotions as I did during research at the extraordinary human and artistic qualities of this Maestro of German Art between the two wars.