General Catalog

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The notice sent out to museums,
art galleries and collectionists
owning works by Louis Christian Hess

The Christian Hess Cultural Association announces the launching of a project aimed at gathering exhaustive materials and information to help publish the

General Catalog of the works of
(Bozen 1895 – Schwaz 1944)

to be realised in partnership with the Scientific Committee, comprising scholars and experts of the Artist’s work. Museums, Galleries and Collectionists are warmly invited to send us any of the following in their possession, with respect to artworks by Louis Christian Hess:

  three colour 18 x 24 photographs;

  one 18 x 24 photograph of the back of the canvases, if they should feature labels, stamps
     or other useful information;

  one 9 x 12 colour photograph, or a 300 dpi image in jpeg format;

  all the available information on the artwork, such as title, year and place of execution,
     technique, medium, dimensions, provenance, exposition in any exhibitions, reproduction
     in any catalogs or other publications;

  the owner should also indicate how to mention the work, i.e. with full details or simply
     with the name of the city followed by “Private Collection”.

The material should be addressed to:

Associazione Culturale Christian Hess
Via dei Giornalisti 52 - 00135 Roma (Italia)