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 Searching for the lost works

Everything passes and is forgotten

The background music to Intermezzo is “Es geht alles vorüber” (1941) - music by the Austrian composer Friedrich Raimund Vesely with lyrics by Max Wallner and Kurt Feltz. It was sung by Lale Andersen, who is best known for her interpretation of the song Lili Marleen in 1939, which became tremendously popular on both sides during the second World War. An Italian version, with lyrics by Luigi Luciano Martelli, followed in 1942. Interpreted by Lina Termini, Meme Bianchi and Nilla Pizzi, the Italian title was "Everything passes and is forgotten". The song quickly became popular, thanks especially to its catchy and optimistic refrain "Everything passes and is forgotten/everything must end/the clouds in the sky/will disappear".    Everyone hoped the clouds would indeed disappear as soon as possible so the horror of war could be forgotten. There was even a popular parody:

Es geht alles vorüber
Es geht alles vorbei
Sogar Adolf Hitler
seine Partei“

(This too will pass/this too will disappear/even Adolf Hitler and his Party)

The song was chosen in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of those years - the last years of Christian Hess, who died following an air-raid on Innsbruck five months before the war in Europe ended.

 Intermezzo would like to invite visitors to this site to join in and give their help in tracking down lost works by Louis Christian Hess (1895-1944)

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Anyone sending an e-mail to with the exact title and reference number of one of the works reproduced on this site will receive an e-card of the painting to send to friends, who in turn can forward it on. Not only will this help spread awareness of Hess' work, but hopefully it will also help trace paintings which at the moment are lost. Recognition - and thanks - will go to the first and last in the chain which helps to track down paintings, drawings and sculptures or previously unknown information concerning Louis Christian Hess.


Paintings by Christian Hess found again in Brunico


Several paintings by Louis Christian Hess which were believed lost after the travelling exhibition dedicated to the rediscovery of his art in the 1970's were later found in Alto Adige thanks to information supplied by a visitor to this website. Following the find, the Christian Hess Cultural Association and Brunico Municipal Museum organised an exhibition of the works in the summer of 2007 with the title “Nello specchio della realtà - Im Spiegel der Wirklichkeit” - "In the mirror of reality".