Recovery of finds

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Recovering lost or forgotten material for the Christian Hess Archive

The Christian Hess Cultural Association is opening a space and appealing to all those who can provide useful information to trace pictures of works, documents and other material on the life and activities of Christian Hess. Any material thus gathered will be subject to the scrutiny of the Scientific Committee set up by the Association, which, after the most expedient exams and assessments, will decide on whether or not to include the pictures of any works found and deemed to be authentic in the virtual gallery of Louis Christian Hess.

Anybody with any information or images of this kind is warmly invited to inform the Association, which will be happy to contact those persons who appreciate the work of Louis Christian Hess and to receive information as to pertinent websites and exchange links. To request further information, express an opinion or formulate proposals contact us at:

All personal details will be handled and processed in accordance with the applicable
Privacy and data protection regulations.